Pitea (Aceper) to the Meloni government: “Increase renewable energy installations”

26 January 2023


As a leading representative of the renewable energy sector, I agree with Giorgia Meloni’s electoral program when she writes that the first thing to do in the energy field is to increase the number of installations powered by renewable sources.

We at ACEPER also have an idea of how this can be done quickly: the sector does not need large incentives, but rather to make good use of those already in place, starting with the PNNR.

Another crucial point in the Renewable Energy sector is unfortunately the lack of technical expertise within various ministries, which often results in nonsensical regulations that create entropy at all levels. Therefore, it would be beneficial if the new government adheres to the electoral promises of the parties that compose it. Finally, I wish the new government, led for the first time by a woman, Giorgia Meloni, that its journey begins as Winston Churchill said, ‘thinking of the new generations instead of the next elections’.” This was stated by Veronica Pitea, president of ACEPER (Association of Consumers and Producers of Renewable Energy), the association that brings together 10,000 renewable energy production plants, equivalent to over 7,000 members, with a total installed capacity exceeding 2 GWp.

See here the article from Libero dated 04/10/2022

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