Interview with Veronica Pitea on TG4 – Rete 4

24 November 2022

ACEPER on TG4 (Rete 4 – Mediaset) – Interview with Veronica Pitea, president of A.C.E.P.E.R

While waiting to find a solution for the Price Cap, it is always the renewable energy sector, particularly photovoltaics, that suffers.

Veronica Pitea, president of ACEPER (Association of Consumers and Producers of Renewable Energy), representing 10,000 small and medium solar enterprises, explains that the renewable energy sector is viewed as a cash cow by the Italian government. Whenever the State needs to balance the year-end budget, it intervenes with measures that penalize producers of alternative energy.

An example is Vimet in Chieti, a company that produces plastic packaging materials and has installed solar panels on its roof. In July, it produced approximately 90,000 kWh and drew about 86,000 kWh from the grid. For the energy purchased, it had to pay €69,600, while for the energy produced, it received €4,000.

Today, thousands of companies are struggling against the extra-profits tax and rising energy costs. According to ACEPER, bureaucracy and taxation risk becoming insurmountable obstacles for companies in the sector and those wishing to invest, or who have already invested, in the renewable energy industry.

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