Energy, ACEPER: “Government Priority? New Regulations for Installing Photovoltaic Systems”

27 October 2022

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Following the agreement reached by the European Council in recent days, which included measures for EU member states aimed at “accelerating the simplification of authorization procedures to speed up the introduction of renewable energies and networks,” ACEPER (Association of Renewable Energy Consumers and Producers), representing 10,000 renewable energy production facilities with over 7,000 members and a total installed capacity exceeding 2 GWp, has outlined a ten-point plan outlining the priorities of the new Government in the renewable energy sector.

“As the main representative of the renewable energy sector, I agree with Giorgia Meloni’s electoral program which emphasizes the need to increase the number of plants powered by renewable sources in the energy sector. At ACEPER, we also have ideas on how this can be achieved quickly: the sector does not require large incentives but rather effective utilization of existing ones, starting with the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNNR). Another crucial point in the renewable energy sector is unfortunately the lack of technical-specific preparation among personnel in various ministries, often resulting in nonsensical regulations that create entropy at all levels. Therefore, it would be beneficial if the new Government keeps its electoral promises made by the parties composing it,” stated Veronica Pitea, President of ACEPER.

Here is the article form TOM24 dated 14/10/2022

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