Rising Energy Bills: How Much Can You Save with Solar Panels?

27 January 2023


How much can you save with solar panels?

The topic of renewable energy is global in nature, which is why each of us can make a significant contribution to the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables, leading to clean and sustainable energy for ourselves and the environment around us.

Moreover, with renewable sources like solar panels, significant savings on electricity can be achieved. The high cost of utility bills hasn’t gone away yet. Indeed, these days, the electricity and gas bills for all citizens, from public to private sectors, remain high and unchanged.

This is true even after the agreement on the gas price cap. Europe must always keep in mind the goal of net-zero emissions by 2050. But what can an individual citizen do on their own? Quite a lot, indeed.

By installing a simple solar panel, it is possible to reduce electricity costs and avoid such high bill increases. Additionally, the risk of a price surge is always around the corner. How to tackle it?

Solar Savings: Here’s How Much

According to Aceper (Association of Renewable Energy Consumers and Producers), developing solar energy production can have an immediate effect. Specifically, this can drive prices down. In detail, the percentage reduction in energy costs thanks to solar panels is 30%. This means that cost reductions range from 40% to 70%: an incredible figure for savings.

See here the article from Luce e Gas dated 17/01/2023

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