Photovoltaics, Aceper: “Piedmont most productive region”

30 January 2023


Piedmont is the region that produces the most from photovoltaics in Italy, while Valle d’Aosta is the most “virtuous”

This is determined by a study conducted by ACEPER (Association of Consumers and Producers of Renewable Energies), an association that includes 10,000 renewable energy production facilities, representing over 7,000 members with a combined installed capacity exceeding 2 GWp.

The study was carried out on a very large sample of 5,236 photovoltaic installations spread across 17 Italian regions. The “virtue” of each region is assessed based on the ratio between actual photovoltaic production and expected photovoltaic production. Expected production is estimated using the official measurement tool PVGIS (Photovoltaic Geographical Information System), which calculates actual plant production, including projections for upcoming years, considering variables such as installation location, month of interest, tilt, and orientation.

The Ranking

But let’s move to ACEPER’s ranking, which, as mentioned, places Valle d’Aosta at the top as the most “virtuous” region with 960,391 kWh (kilowatt-hours) actually produced and an expected production according to PVGIS measurement of 1,011,502 kWh, resulting in a ratio of 95% between actual and expected production. In second place is Emilia Romagna with 37,939,525 kWh produced and 43,840,630 kWh expected (87% ratio), followed by Piemonte in third with 139,917,414 kWh produced and 162,741,031 kWh expected (86% ratio), but significantly leading in kWh produced from photovoltaics.

Next, there are three regions with an 85% ratio: Abruzzo with 20,100,052 kWh produced and 23,625,127 kWh expected, Liguria with 5,187,522 kWh produced and 6,108,499 kWh expected, and Lombardia, second in the ranking for photovoltaic production, with 66,305,239 kWh produced and 78,089,977 kWh expected. Following them is Veneto with 49,221,066 kWh produced and 58,691,563 kWh expected (84% ratio), the third region in Italy for production. Le Marche follows with 20,328,123 kWh produced and 24,622,400 kWh expected (83% ratio), preceding Toscana with 5,830,869 kWh produced and 7,263,032 kWh expected (80% ratio).

Molise with 1,589,155 kWh produced and 2,000,284 kWh expected, and Puglia with 18,459,422 kWh produced and 23,406,458 kWh expected, both have a 79% ratio, while Umbria, with 21,396,944 kWh produced and 27,506,185 kWh expected, has a 78% ratio. Sicilia follows with 2,325,953 kWh produced, 3,144,591 kWh expected, and a 74% ratio, Lazio with 16,105,440 kWh produced, 22,635,310 kWh expected, and a 71% ratio, Campania with 13,893,494 kWh produced, 19,822,080 kWh expected, and a 70% ratio, Sardegna with 49,792 kWh produced, 71,369 kWh expected, and a 70% ratio, and Basilicata, which closes the ranking with 4,171,443 kWh produced, 6,836,095 kWh expected, and a 61% ratio.

See here the article from Quotidiano Piemontese dated 10/11/2022

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